Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


Publisher: Scholastic

Author: Jenny Han

Genre: Young Adult/YA, Contemporary

Read: 10th June 2015


Lara Jean’s love life is about to go from imaginary to out of control.

Lara Jean Song keeps love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her – one for every boy she’s ever loved. She can say anything she wants, because the letters are for her eyes only. Until one day they’re sent out…


Lara Jean Song Covey is the middle child of three sisters. Half Korean, half American, her mother died at a young age and it fell upon her older sister Margot to take care of her younger sisters when their father was busy at work. Margot became like a second mother to her sisters and Lara Jean’s favourite person in the world. Their father is kind and patient and does what he can to be a good father. But when Margot is going to college in Scotland, it falls to Lara Jean to help look after her younger sister Kitty and keep the house running along with keeping up with her junior year of high school.
But that’s the least of Lara Jean’s worries now because the love letters she wrote over the years and kept in the hatbox her mother gave her have suddenly been sent out to the boys she wrote them to.
Now Margot’s ex and next door neighbour Josh can’t see her as just a friend and while Lucas is flattered, Lara Jean does realise that he’s gay, does she? But the biggest problem is Peter Kavinsky, one of the most popular boys in school.
Peter K., as she knew him in middle school, was her first kiss and the reason she started to notice him. But he’s been off limits since Genevieve claimed him to be her boyfriend and any girl that has tried to be with him while they’ve been broken up has found herself at the end of a very vicious rumour. And now that he’s seen the letter, he’s decided he can use Lara Jean to his benefit to keep Genevieve away.
But Lara Jean needs Peter too because she’s determined to keep Josh away from her. She loves her sister and Josh needs to realise that Lara Jean doesn’t see him that way anymore.
Set against the backdrop of a quiet girl who loves her family dearly and with the help from her crazy friend Chris, Lara Jean’s world expands and she becomes a more well known person – because she was already a bright, bubbly girl. The world just didn’t know.
A wonderful contemporary read, this book gave me a major book hangover. I need P.S. I Still Love You like, last week. This book will not disappoint you. It also really makes me wish I had some fancy writing paper…


If you liked any of Rainbow Rowell’s books or any of Jenny Han’s other books, you will love this book. The romance was subtle and realistic and this was just such a good book. Completely fab, amazing, 10/10 would recommend you read!


I have (obviously) given the book a 5/5 🌟

You can buy it here


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