Review: The Murder Complex


Author: Lindsay Cummings
Publisher: Greenwillow
Series: The Murder Complex, Book One
Read: 16th September 2015
Genre: Young Adult, YA, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Dystopia, Thriller, Mystery, Romance


Welcome to the Murder Complex.
You cannot see us. You cannot feel us.
But we are here.
And we control your every move.


Meadow Woodson is a fifteen year old girl, living in Florida.
Every night, the streets run red with blood.
Meadow lives on a boat with her father, older brother and younger sister.
She has passed her government test, killed a girl, and now works to hand out rations.

Zephyr James is an Orphan.
He lives in a tent surrounded by other orphans.
Every night, he suffers from black outs and looses time, often coming back to himself standing over a dead body with blood on his hands.
He has no idea what he’s doing, or what he’s done.

When Meadow and Zephyr meet, Zephyr thinks he’s found the angel he’s been dreaming of. They become friends and Zephyr takes her to his old home. All is well – until Zephyr tries to kill Meadow. Meadow, who’s been trained by her father to survive. To take a breath, count to three, and survive.
She doesn’t go down easy.
In fact, she doesn’t go down at all.

When Meadow’s family becomes the targets for the Murder Complex, she becomes determined to find them and bring them back to safety. Now, together, Β they must figure out why Zephyr keeps trying to kill Meadow. They must find the Murder Complex. They must shut off the mother board, and free Meadow’s family.

A book full of twists and turns, you won’t be bored reading The Murder Complex. It’s a page turner and you’ll find it very hard to put down once you’ve gotten in to it.


If you liked Young Elites, books where girls kick ass andΒ a slightly gruesome story, the Murder Complex is for you. You won’t be disappointed, for this really is a great read!


I have given this book a 4/5🌟




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