ARC Review: Filling the Void

Author: Zainab T. Khan
Publisher: eBook
Read: 2nd November 2016
Genre: Young Adult, paranormal, fiction, romance

Two incomplete individuals who meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances, just to be whole again. Fate sure loves extravagance. After the sudden death of her beloved Granda, Candice Davis finds herself unable to play the piano. With her best friend gone and her passion blocked, Candice decides to return to her hometown in Rozenne to volunteer at her favourite place in the world: Greenwich Orphanage. Between Nathan, Jake and all the other orphans, Candice believes her life is finally filled with love, but then she meets James. He’s tall, stubborn, and smells just like her woodworking Granda. He’s also invisible. Literally. And though Candice doesn’t seem to notice she’s the only one who can see him, Candice senses something is off about him – and her life. Torn between an impending adoption and a terrible accident, Candice has to solve the mystery of James and learn to play the piano again, or she’ll never fill the void in her heart.

I was asked by the author to read her book in exchange for a review, so thank you!

It’s amazing what a little bit of kindness can bring about. The giving of a chocolate bar sets in to motion a chain of events that change the lives of two very different people.

Candice hasn’t been the same since her grandfather died. Unable to play the piano that sits in her childhood home, she splits her days between Greenwich Orphanage and working in a small coffee shop. She adores the children she works with and is still trying to fill the void her best friend left in her life when he passed away.

James has lived a privileged life but it has come at a price. Invisible to the world (at first I thought he was a ghost and some crazy stuff was going down), he finds it very hard to communicate with adults. So when Candice can see him, he’s shocked.

A fast paced novel that can be slightly confusing and really has little to do with the piano. The story of James is interesting and hints at a much bigger plot that is unfortunately not plucked at. The story of the two boys Nathan and Jake is incredibly sweet too and really pulls on the heart strings.

This book is only 73 pages long and so I don’t wish to give away too much of the plot by saying much more. It is very nicely written and does have some lovely quotes within it.

If you’re looking for a very quick read, this is the book for you. There isn’t too much world building and I’m not sure if it was simply the copy I got, but the switching between mum and mom confused me as to where exactly this story is set. There are some very sweet moments within the book and it is different to anything I have read in the last while.

For those little moments, I have given this book 3/5🌟

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